Threshold Brands

Threshold is a home service franchise comprised of five businesses: MaidPro, FlyFoe, Men in Kilts, Pestmaster and USA Insulation.

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Investment Details

Riverside Micro-Cap
April 2021
North America
Private Equity


  1. Miracle Method
    (November 2023)
  2. Mold Medics
    (May 2023)
  3. Granite Garage Floors
    (May 2022)
  4. Sir Grout
    (September 2021)
  5. Plumbing, Heating Paramedics
    (May 2021)
  6. USA Insulation
    (December 2020)
  7. Pestmaster Services
    (September 2020)

News Releases

  1. Riverside Sweeps in with Latest Trade Services Franchise Strategy
  2. Riverside is Feeling Grout-ful for Latest Investment
  3. Riverside's Rock-Solid Investment Takes Nothing for Granite

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